JAXPORT Deepening Means Boost for CargoBarn

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Aug. 25, 2022 – The Florida office of CargoBarn, the technology-driven freight brokerage, is expecting more business thanks to the Jacksonville Port Authority’s recently completed harbor deepening. JAXPORT announced this summer it had completed dredging to 47 feet, allowing post-Panamax ships to call.

Increasing Services for Food Shippers, Drayage and More

CargoBarn sees opportunity for increased drayage and food shipper services, said Cameron Baird, Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Our Jacksonville office helps large shippers and small-to-medium sized companies more efficiently move their products,” Baird said. “Ocean freight and container shipping are big markets for us, especially in Jacksonville. Our office is strategically located in this market to take advantage of the huge opportunities presented by JAXPORT. Plus, we have an amazing network of local carriers to service JAXPORT, Savannah, Miami and other ports at any time.”

CargoBarn Supports Florida Food Shippers

CargoBarn’s Jacksonville office also supports a wide range of food shippers, Baird said. “According to the Journal of Commerce, “Florida’s ports remain in the pole position for refrigerated cargo… with food shippers tapping Florida’s ports all year to avoid congestion at other ports.” We work closely with more than a hundred food shippers to provide worry-free shipments.”  

Opened less than one year ago, CargoBarn’s Jacksonville office has tripled in size and is consistently beating revenue forecasts, Baird said. “The growth and strategic direction of JAXPORT, along with the food shipping industry, are major benefits for CargoBarn in Jacksonville.”

About CargoBarn

CargoBarn is a technology-driven freight brokerage, arranging the worry-free delivery of freight with maximum efficiency. Founded in 2008, CargoBarn uses pioneering technology, proactive customer service, and a focus on friendships and partnerships – not just business transactions – to provide reliable pricing, service and capacity. With offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Jacksonville and Fresno, CargoBarn provides best-in-class pricing, nationwide coverage and complex shipping expertise. For more information, please visit www.CargoBarn.com