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On top of that, we’ve got the freight you want. Consider us your professional matchmakers.

We’re on a daily mission to match you with the right opportunities for your business, while getting you where you need to be.

We are committed to improving your own business with ours, by providing numerous opportunities to work with CargoBarn. We are an established, stable company that offers prompt payment terms, attentive support, and driver-friendly freight.

We’re also driver-friendly when you call us. When you talk with a CargoBarn representative, you’ll see that we’re informed, friendly, and eager to make your life easier.

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Let’s talk and get you connected to our growing network:

    What They're Saying

    We appreciate the freight opportunities that CargoBarn provides. Somehow, some way they always find a way to get our drivers home.

    Our relationship with CargoBarn is a positive one! They have been team players and have been easy to work with, we enjoy the fast pace and interactive responses from the CargoBarn team. Our Customer Service Representative is informative and  a real pleasure to work with.

    The Opportunities You Want

    At CargoBarn, the reason our customers can count on us is that we can count on our carriers. And that’s because our first priority is to make sure our carriers run a profitable, efficient operation. When you’re connected to our growing network you’ll gain access to:


    Average Annual Loads Per Carrier


    Average Pay Per Mile


    Shippers Within Our Network

    The Features You Expect

    Nothing is more important to a carrier than their time and their money. That is why we offer a comprehensive suite of services to help get you paid faster and save you valuable time.

    Quick Pay

    We know that your cash flow is instrumental to your success. Because of this we offer Two (2) business day quickpay program—For a 3% discount being deducted from the gross truck rate a check will be issued within 2 business days of CargoBarn receiving clean paperwork.

    Fuel Advance

    Our contract carriers can receive an advance on their shipment pay in order to help cover their load related expenses such as fuel.

    Online Access

    Without making a single phone call you can use our carrier portal to search for loads, enter check calls, post available equipment, view payment status and more.

    24/7/365 Support

    We know your driver’s operate 24/7, so you can always count on our friendly team to be on standby, ready to help.