CargoBarn shrinks seasonal shipping costs for the alcohol industry

It isn’t just the produce industry that faces seasonal fluctuations in their shipping needs – when the weather gets hot, the drinks flow faster, and shipping costs can rise with the summer temps. This is especially true in the alcohol industry and its white-hot hard-seltzer category.

After dominating drink sales off-premise during the pandemic, alcoholic seltzers are gaining ground in restaurants and bars, says Market Watch Magazine. Brands like White Claw, Truly and High Noon dominate the craft seltzer category, the magazine says, but big-name players like Bud Light and Smirnoff also have seltzers that are doing well.

Working with manufacturers, distributors and retailers nationwide, the experts at CargoBarn have learned a thing or two about seasonal shipping, and how to be sure your favorite frosty-cold beverage is there when you want it, at a price shippers can afford. Here are some festively themed tips for handling seasonal spikes in shipping volumes: 

  1. Make a party plan – CargoBarn works directly with load-planners and managers to map out shipping plans, well in advance of delivery dates. Some of our customers do volume forecasting, sending out forecasts every 2 weeks. This is especially helpful when seasonal demand starts ramping up.
  2. Ice things down early – Planning work actually begins around another holiday: Christmas. Knowing your locations early allows for added consistency and reduced costs. While a traditional produce season is March-July, “Seltzer Season” is a more summery May-August. Demand spikes around summer holidays, so volume forecasting is essential in-season.
  3. Party hard, but watch your budget – One of the benefits of having advanced capacity planning is knowing each lane’s expected volume. Like a good party plan that allows the host to enjoy the celebration, volume forecasting is extremely helpful for any shipper running a high volume or dealing with seasonal increases. Having a solid plan positively impacts pricing and volume, allowing CargoBarn to secure capacity in advance and avoid last-minute price fluctuations.

This summer, try out one of our favorite flavors – Kiwi Mojito or Mango Chili Margarita. And when you step into your favorite pre-party beverage store, thank a trucker for getting those frosty cold-ones into your hands.