3 Ways to Avoid Freight Fireworks

In 2022, shippers are seeing a triple-whammy during the summer holidays, with Memorial, Independence and Labor days all falling on Mondays. Holidays bring increased market volatility and a surge in pricing to the supply chain. But, it won’t matter if you’re headed for Kaboom Town in Addison, Texas, America’s Biggest Birthday Party in St. Louis, or the Southeast’s largest fireworks show at Look Up Atlanta – CargoBarn has a few simple steps to help you avoid any freight fireworks this summer.

“CargoBarn can control costs and put the correct truck on your specific loads at the best possible price.”

  1. Plan ahead for long-distance loads. When a holiday falls on a Monday, it has more than a one-day effect on your shipping. This is especially true for long-hauls. If freight leaves the dock on Tuesday instead of Friday – and needs to go 1,800 miles – it may not get there until the following Friday. This creates a rush as some companies are trying to get freight off their docks before the long weekends. Carriers are smart, knowing demand will skyrocket prior to holidays. Pricing increases as the week proceeds. Consider what long-haul loads can be planned in advance or can wait until after the holiday.
  2. Know your lanes. Three-day weekends also can limit capacity the week prior, as drivers become more selective of their routes as the weekend approaches. For drivers wanting to spend time with family, they will look to familiar lanes headed home at week’s end, meaning supply is being pulled off the roads. Other carriers reduce visibility into available equipment, causing demand to go up even further. CargoBarn’s Capacity Team is proactively talking to carriers about their equipment, availability and preferred lanes heading into the holiday. This artificial limit on capacity can cause volatility in the market. By knowing what lanes will be available, and avoiding remote deliveries later in the week, you can save time, money and headaches on your shipping.
  3. Pre-book your freight. CargoBarn advises customers well before the “freight fireworks” begin, working to pre-book freight as far in advance as possible. By alerting customers, going over options and using longer lead-times, CargoBarn can control costs and put the correct truck on your specific loads at the best possible price.

Following these three simple steps this summer will allow for efficient routing, the best-possible pricing, and extra ketchup on your hot dog this July 4th.