What’s so great about us?

At CargoBarn, we believe that people – our customers, carriers and employees – are more than just business transactions. They’re friends you go to the mat for.

When you choose CargoBarn you will:

  • Get the best service at the best price, period
  • Find a great combo of friendship and creative problem-solving
  • Be able to trust us as a true partner

The Story

In 2007, we started CargoBarn because we saw an opportunity to deliver excellent transportation services in an industry that was short on integrity and innovation. Today, CargoBarn is one of the fastest-growing shipping and logistics companies in America. We’ve built our success on meeting the needs of two very important groups of people: customers and carriers.

If you’re a CargoBarn customer, you know that we’re dependable and hard working people. But the reason we have a high number of repeat customers and referrals is that we really do care about you and your freight. All of us at CargoBarn will bend over backward to come up with creative solutions to your toughest shipping and logistics challenges. If you’re not a CargoBarn customer, we hope you will become one. Let us show you how we deliver what we promise.

In the carrier community, CargoBarn has earned a reputation as being reliable, personable, and a trustworthy business partner. Our number one goal with carriers is to make your business better—because that’s what grows ours.

Today, our goal at CargoBarn is to achieve nothing short of perfection. We’re working hard to create a fun environment where customers, suppliers, and employees come together to find innovative logistics solutions—while focusing on friendships and partnerships, not just business transactions.


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