At CargoBarn, the reason our customers can count on us is that we can count on our carriers. And that’s because our first priority, as a company, is to make sure our carriers run a profitable, efficient operation.

We are committed to improving your own business with ours, by providing numerous opportunities to work with CargoBarn. We are an established, stable company that offers prompt payment terms, attentive support, and driver-friendly freight.

We’re also driver-friendly when you call us. When you talk with a CargoBarn representative, you’ll see that we’re informed, friendly, and eager to make your life easier.

CargoBarn offers carriers flexible and multiple payment options:

Standard Payment

30 days—No fees—A check will be issued within 30 days of CargoBarn receiving clean paperwork.


2 business days—A 3% discount will be deducted from the gross truck rate. A check will be issued within 2 business days of CargoBarn receiving clean paperwork. We will also deduct a transaction charge based on your choice of payment delivery:

  • Mail check (no charge)
  • Wire funds to bank account ($20.00); your bank may also charge you a fee to receive the incoming wire